Petroleum Products Trading
We are active in all petroleum product supply and trading. We trade and supply a complete range of petroleum products such as: Jet A1, Kerosene, Gas Oil, Gasoline,...
Crude Oil Refining
Refining and marketing activities include the production of raw materials and products in refineries as well as their sale and distribution through the different sales channels.
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Welcome to ATLAS Energy

ATLAS Energy is driven by the challenge of supplying the energy that can propel development and ensure the future of the society with competency, ethics, and respect for diversity. We perform as an energy company in the following sectors: exploration and production, refining, oil and natural gas trade and transportation, petrochemicals and other renewable energy source distribution.

We have expanded our operations aiming to be among the top five integrated energy companies in the world by 2020. We have a presence in several countries. The 2013-2017 Business Plan calls for huge investments.

Exploration & Trading

Our focus is placed on adopting the most advanced techniques for the exploration, refining & trading of petroleum products.

Refining activities

Oil Trading

Exploration and Drilling